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Late/Absence Procedures

Sickness and Absence

A reminder to parents who seek to take their children away during term time:

As a parent you can request approval from the school to withdraw your child in exceptional circumstances. These would include important family events like weddings, funerals and christenings.


You are required to seek permission (if possible) at least one month before the absence by letter addressed to the Headteacher.


If you are determined to take your children out of school for holidays or other non-essential reasons this will be an unauthorised absence and the school will still require a letter from you.


This issue has been reported in the press several times recently and the school has an obligation and responsibility to the LEA and the Government in terms of unauthorised absence.


In a similar vein if your child is sick and unable to attend school, please ensure the office is informed by 9:15am on the first day of sickness, this absence must be followed up with an email to the school office on their first day back at school following their absence. If an email is not received your child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised. This is LEA policy.