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Class spelling

Choose five of the sentences below and change them by using an adverb from the table.

For example:

My sister was crying and stamping her feet!

My sister was crying and rudely stamping her feet!

My sister was crying loudly and stamping her feet!

softly kindly strongly bravely quickly
strangely boldly clearly calmly gladly
loudly sweetly safely rudely secretly
neatly tightly suddenly brightly cleverly

1. The tabby cat was prowling through the garden.


2. There were children on the playground laughing and playing!


3. On Monday morning, John was feeling grumpy and shouted at his mum.


4. The little boy walked to the shops but lost his hat along the way!


5. The baby was crawling along the carpet to his mum.


6. At school, the teachers were in the staffroom eating their lunch and chatting.


7. While I was cooking my dinner, my belly was grumbling and my mouth was watering.


8. Jack crept through the house on his tiptoes because he didn't want to wake his dad.