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Projects for all children

Art Projects for all

Don’t forget about your time capsule!


Make clay pots

Do some mindfulness colouring. Design your own.

Paint the view out of your window.

Sketch your garden. Design a new garden.

Who is Frida Kahlo? Look at her art work? Can you recreate it? Try a different artist.

Make your own thank you cards.

Design your own sports car.


Writing projects for all


Look on the website links for pobble 365 for daily writing inspiration.

Design your own cake recipe.


Write a story that begins... As we walked through the door, a whole new adventure lay before us.

Write a letter to Boris Johnson detailing your lockdown experience.


Write a poem for Mrs Roberts about rainbows. 

Write letters to your class teachers.


Create a new character for your favourite story. What do they look like? How do they change the story.


Write a description of a spooky house.


Design a theme park and advertise it.


May holiday projects

Don’t forget pobble 365 it is updated everyday. The oddizzi projects are also listed on the separate link.


Now that you can get outside go for lots of walks. Take photos and keep a diary.


Write a different ending to your favourite story.

Draw and cut out some speech bubbles. Retell you’re favourite story through speech. What might your characters be thinking? Or saying?


Make a wanted poster for a villain. Describe the character in detail.


Become a journalist. Interview your family about their lockdown experience.


Easter holidays projects


Make a comic book


Sometimes we over burden children by expecting them to invent a story, plot, characters and dialogue from scratch. By using their real life as fuel, children can focus on the humour and storytelling. Children can make their own comic showing the life of their household. The Beano is a great source of inspiration. Its website contains lots of comic strip examples.


Record a life story


During this period of social distancing, many older people in our communities and families may be feeling particularly lonely. This project can help to keep children occupied in a meaningful way that benefits others too. Think of a relative or neighbour who may have an interesting story to tell about their life. Children can prepare questions in advance and call their chosen older person to hear their stories. They can write these up and send them to their interviewees or phone them up and read them to them.


Create a superhero alter-ego


This project can be small or large. On a smaller scale, set up an art session and draw a new superhero and write part of a film script or story.


On a larger scale children can design a new super hero costume. Does it have gadgets? Can they create these from junk at home? 


Make a shadow puppet theatre


As a form of ancient storytelling, it is worthy of study in its own right, as well as being a rich way to develop children's skills in design and performance. Children can create their own stories, props and characters from scratch, or create their own reimaginings of classic fairy and folk tales. 


Go on a virtual museum tour


Many great museums have some very designed virtual tours that children can enjoy. The British Museum and the Natural History Museum both have great interactivity through the Google Arts and Culture app.

More projects for Week 2


Rainbows of hope

Design rainbows and decorate your home or windows. This will spread across your neighbourhood.



Read as many books as you can this week and take photos of yourself reading in unusual places around your home and garden.


Make a musical instrument

Use containers and objects around your home to make a musical instrument. Write a song and accompany it with your instrument.


Make a friendship bracelet

Use loom bands or plait wool to make your friendship bracelet.


Make a den

Use blankets and cushions to make a den.


Grow Crystals

Make a saturated salt solution and add a thread of wool. Leave the end of the wool out of the solution. As the water evaporates watch the crystals grow up the thread.


Make play dough

1 cup flour

1 cup water

1/3 of a cup of salt

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

food colouring


Make your own Mathematical board game

Play it with your family


How would you get to the moon?

Find out about what an astronaut needs to get to the moon? Create lists and instructions. How long would it take you to get there? What would you eat? How would you sleep? What problems might you come across?

Famous Scientist Project


Choose a famous scientist. Find out what they are famous for and as many interesting facts as you can. Find out about what they invented or what scientific research they conducted. Create a fact file or project about your chosen scientist.


Famous Artist Project


Find out as much as you can about any famous artist. Look at their paintings and art work and create your own art work in the same style. Keep a scrap book of your art work.

Choose an animal


Is your animal endangered? Why? Create a project to teach somebody else all about your chosen animal.



Collect recipes and try cooking them.

How does a steam engine work?


Find out and write an explanation.

Gardening Project


Grow some seeds. Take photos or keep a diagram diary.