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Hello from Reception


Our class teachers are Mrs Osborne and Mrs Rennard.

Our LSAs are Mrs Bowen, Mrs Ludlow and Mrs Randall.




What a lovely time we had a St George's church. We walked through the woods, learnt all about the Christmas story and decorated the Christmas tree.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We have had a brilliant visit from PC Midwinter. We learnt all about people who help us.
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Half way through the Autumn Term already!

We hope you all enjoyed your Autumn break. We have been sharing our news about Halloween and fireworks parties in the classroom, as well as trips out with our families. Our topic this half term is Fairy Stories. We are linking a lot of our learning in literacy, numeracy and our understanding of the world to this theme. There are 2 trips coming up: one to Chalfont Community College to participate in a "Winter Olympics" (Nov 19th) followed by a walk to St George's Church (Dec 3rd) where we will hear the Christmas story and enjoy some craft activities.  We hope to see lots of you on Friday 15th November when we will be celebrating Friendship Week. It's going to be one busy term!

Physical development: giving opportunities to develop our co-ordination and to increase our awareness of the importance of an active and healthy life-style. Here are some photos of us working towards achieving this.
Picture 1 Careful building!
Picture 2 Playdough activities help our fine motor skills
Picture 3 Look at that concentration!
Picture 4 Firework drawings ...staying on the line.
Picture 5 Fresh air and nature
Picture 6 Getting a closer look
Picture 7 Pulling ...
Picture 8 ...and pedalling
Picture 9 well as imagination ...
Picture 10 to make us better writers of letters ...
Picture 11 ... and numbers!
Learning about "People who help us"
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Picture 2


Science Enrichment Week - when we learnt about


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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

See our fairytale props we made at home!

See our fairytale props we made at home! 1
See our fairytale props we made at home! 2

Winter Olympics Nov 2019

Termly Information for the Autumn Term 2019

We are learning these Jolly Phonics Songs to help us with our reading and writing. You can sing them at home too. How many do you know already?


JOLLY Phonics Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. They are then taken through the stages of blending and segmenting words to develop reading and writing skills.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

A tricky word/sight word song for children covering the, I, go, no, to, she, he and we.