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Welcome to Reception Class


Our class teachers are Mrs Osborne and Mrs Rennard.

Mrs Ludlow is our TA




This is how we teach phonics. Have a look at the link below.

Here we all are on our sponsored walk!

Friendship Week

Maths Enrichment Week

Our walk to St George's church with our pebbles of comfort and joy.

What a busy week!

Look what we have been learning!

Mrs Rennard

Mrs Rennard is the class teacher on alternate Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mrs Rennard loves stories, writing and being active in P.E. lessons.  When she's not at school Mrs Rennard plays tennis, walks her dog around Ley Hill and loves travelling. She has two grown up children, has been teaching for nearly 30 years and Reception is her favourite place to be.

Mrs Osborne

Mrs Osborne is the class teacher on alternate Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Osborne loves art and is always thinking of new things to make and do. She also loves phonics, dressing up and maths. When she's not at school Mrs Osborne looks after her two teenage children, plays bowls and goes kayaking. She has been teaching for over 20 years and still loves it!

Mrs Ludlow

Mrs Ludlow is the learning support assistant and she works all week in Reception as well as being a lunch time supervisor. Mrs Ludlow loves books and loves listening to the children read to her. She enjoys seeing you grow and develop in confidence.

When she's not at school Mrs Ludlow loves baking, gardening and going to watch banger and drag racing. She has three children and has been a teaching assistant for 12 years.
Activities to complete if you are absent from school but well

We have been learning how to make a batter for pancake day. We added the toppings and ate the pancakes! Yummy!

We have had a super time at The Tring Museum. We learnt all about the animals on display and about the Rothschild family who started the collection for everyone to enjoy.

Topics for this school year 2019-20

Useful information for all parents for Spring Term 2020

Phonics & reading

At Ley Hill we follow the Read, Write Inc phonics programme. We teach the children to hear, read and blend sounds into words in a systematic way that helps them to develop independent reading skills quickly. Children learn to love reading and become confident, independent readers in no time! 

Here are some videos to help develop your understanding of learning to read and how you can support at home.


How to say your pure sounds:


Blending sounds into words:


We use Read Write Inc pictures and rhymes just like the ones in this video to prompt us to form the lower-case letters of the alphabet

Autumn Term 2019

December 2019

What a lovely time we had a St George's church. We walked through the woods, learnt all about the Christmas story and decorated the Christmas tree.

Winter Olympics
We have had a brilliant visit from PC Midwinter. We learnt all about people who help us.
See our fairy tale props we made at home!



Physical development: giving opportunities to develop our co-ordination and to increase our awareness of the importance of an active and healthy life-style. Here are some photos of us working towards achieving this.
Learning about people who help us.


Science Enrichment Week - when we learnt about