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Ley Hill Maths Curriculum information:

Helping with Maths Top Tips

At Ley Hill School, our Growth Mindset philosophy is embedded in all curriculum areas. As parents, you can help model how to be resilient, resourceful, reflective, reciprocal and reconnecting with your approach to numbers. If you are positive and interested in all areas of maths, including numbers, puzzles and problems, the enthusiasm will rub off and your child will engage in the subject too. When your child is learning maths in a way that you are not familiar with, then be honest and then get them to explain how they are doing it in school. This will help them to embed what they have learned. 

For information on the Multiplication Tables Check, please see:

Helpful websites


White Rose Maths for Parents

- The Maths with Michael section is fantastic and well worth a watch!


BBC Bitesize KS1

BBC Bitesize KS2


Numicon Explained


Oxford Owl ‘How To…’ Videos 


Maths visuals videos


What to do if your child says 'I hate maths!'


Online Games for Children


Practise number facts

You can choose which number facts your child is learning


5 a day

For KS2 children only. 5 maths questions per day for a whole year. 


Daily maths challenges for KS2


Hundred Hunt

A great way to develop an understanding of numbers within 100