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Year 1 Home Learning

Week 1

Would you like to listen to a story!? Follow the link below to listen to Mrs Mortali reading chapters of A Mouse called Wolf by Dick King-Smith:

Reading Activities (fiction):

Draw a story board of what has happened in the story.

Draw a picture of something that happened and add speech bubbles.

Find 5 interesting words and rewrite your own sentences using them.

Write 5 questions you could ask about that part of the story.

Create a wanted poster for the villain in your story. Include a physical description, what they are wanted for, and a reward.

Choose a character in your book and write an acrostic poem about them using their name.

Perform your poem for your family. .


Reading Activities (non-fiction):

Make a fact file about what you have found out.


Find 5 interesting words and write their definitions.

Use the glossary and index to find out more about the topic.

Write a quiz with at least 5 questions you could ask about that topic.

Think of 5 more questions you could ask on this topic – what else would you like to know?

Find 5 headings and sub-headings in your book.

Can you write a different heading to replace them?


PE activities:

Create a dance to your favourite song.

Do some yoga (try using cosmic yoga on Youtube).

Complete a high impact video (see Jo Wicks examples on Youtube).

Create an obstacle course by drawing lines / jumps / activities. Time yourself and your family.

Set yourself a challenge using a ball (how many times can you clap between throws?)

Create a PE game based on ‘stuck in the mud’ and teach your family how to play.

Other websites available: