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Year 2 Home Learning

Hello Year 2!


We are missing you and thinking about you all!


We hope you are all having lots of fun learning and playing safely at home.  Your parents are having to work extremely hard to do all the work they normally do, as well as lots of extra jobs.  We would like you to thank them for us!!!  Make sure you listen to your grownups at home and to be kind to each other.  Help them around the house. Before you know it we will all be back at school, learning, playing and having fun together!


We would also like you to think of all the lovely things you would like to do with your family, friends or at school once everything is back to normal.  Can you create a wish jar? Fill it with all your lovely ideas.  


We hope you are still reading each day - keep it up!  You can access ebooks for the reading scheme - Follow the log in details and click on the ‘Collins BIG CAT’ icon. Filter the books to Purple, Gold, White and Lime.   You could sit back and listen to an audiobook! Download any children’s title from Audible for free or a free audio story read by David Walliams! (


We have noticed some of you have logged onto  'Times Table Rock Star'. You can also use your login details to go onto 'NumBots' which is great for addition and subtraction facts.  It would be great if you can have a go on both sites.


Now spring is here there are lots of exciting changes happening in your gardens.  If you can go outside, perhaps you could start a spring scrapbook or box.  You could even try pressing some flowers or leaves but check with an adult first as some flowers are protected.  It is also a good time to learn some birdsong.  The blackbirds' songs are easy to recognise.  When Dr Newman goes into the garden she often hunts for snails; its fascinating to see the different shells.  Perhaps the dark banded snails tend to stay in darker areas of undergrowth?  You could investigate how far your snails travel by painting a little spot on them and seeing where they end up!  On sunny days there are lots of butterflies and bees at the moment. See if you can identify them; the peacock butterfly is an easy one to start with.  Have fun finding them!


Enjoy the Easter holidays!  


Keep safe


Mrs Correia and Dr Newman