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Year 4 Home Learning

Dear Year 4


I hope you are all finding ways to entertain yourselves and enjoying spending quality time with your families. I look forward to hearing all your stories about the life skills you've gained, cakes you've baked and adventures you've had in your back gardens. 


Feel free to use the resources you have access to over Easter, such as Oddizi which has lots of content and quizzes to entertain you. You may have noticed there is a battle going on in Times Table Rockstars. The boys are currently behind the girls so let's see a bit of friendly rivalry and narrow the gap chaos! 


Above all make sure you enjoy your Easter break and be sure to eat lots of chocolate! Miss you all and hope to see you soon! 


Kind regards

Mr Leadbetter



Hi Gorgeous Gang


I hope you are all well and looking after your wonderful families. I miss you guys so very, very much and wish I could see you all :(

Have a wonderful Easter...don’t eat too much chocolate! Thought of something fun to do: blow an egg, to get rid of the insides (mum or dad can show you how), then turn it into a character - could be a person, alien, monster, animal...anything! You could put it in a setting - house, wood, space, jungle...wherever you like. Then take a picture of it and hopefully we can print them all out. If you want you could then do a comic strip story of it’s adventures, to go with the picture. I bet Mr Leadbetter would do Doctor Who in his T.A.R.D.I.S. travelling through space and time!

This is just something fun - you don’t have to!!! No pressure!!!

Anyway I’m going back to my garden now to grow more lovely vegetables...maybe I’ll do an adventure about the “Eggstraordinary Eggapillar” that lives in my garden!


Love you guys, take care of each other and stay safe.

Mrs Hunt xxxx