Secondary Transfer for September 2025

Following the Year 5 information session on 23rd May regarding Secondary Transfer, we have placed the PowerPoint with all the dates, processes and links on this page.

Buckinghamshire headteachers presentation for Secondary Transfer 2025

Key Reminders:


  • Please can parents email the school to inform us whether you would like your child to 'opt out' of doing the Secondary Transfer Test (11+ test).
  • If you need to discuss potential access arrangements for sitting the 11+ transfer test. Parents need to speak with the Headteacher before the 7th June. Access arrangements are not guaranteed and we would discuss whether a Grammar School Setting is appropriate depending on the needs of the child. Access arrangements would also need evidencing with information such as reading ages, standardised scores and academic levels as well as any external reports from professionals e.g. medical reasons such as severe physical, visual or mental impairment.