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Governors play a key role in the leadership of the school; we take our role seriously and are active participants in the debates and decisions that shape the future of the school.  All minutes are available on request. 

The Governing Body
Ley Hill School's Governing Body is made up of four elements - school staff, parents, local authority representatives and volunteers drawn from the local community. Together, we support the school's staff and pupils, oversee the development of the School, determine its ethos and targets, monitor decisions have the desired effect and identify priorities for development. We are always conscious of the role the school has locally and forge links with community stakeholders to mutual benefit.

Governors give their time voluntarily and do so out of commitment to LHS and to educational standards. As a Governing Body, Governors attend Full Governing Body meetings, sit on various committees, visit the school and attend events, help in classrooms, and have specific areas of responsibility. Agreed minutes are open to scrutiny and interested parties are welcome to consult the Governing Body either in writing or in person.


OFSTED, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning And Linked Governors
The Governing Body drives the school improvement agenda by closely monitoring and evaluating the impact of actions being taken to address the key issues identified for improvement from Ofsted and Buckinghamshire County Council reports. Linked Governors work with core subject leaders and senior leaders to discuss progress towards the school's improvement priorities. This allows governors to both challenge and support the staff team.

Link Governor Reports are completed and reported back to the Governing Body. School visits provide a valuable opportunity to question and help Governors fulfil a core function of holding the Headteacher and senior leaders to account for the performance and progress of pupils.

Developments in the National Curriculum are monitored and discussed in detail by the Teaching & Learning Committee. This committee also reviews and discusses the school's education tools (reading schemes, spelling tests, learning programmes, SEN provision, &c) and school trips and residential visits. T&L also scrutinises the school's education results, benchmarking, checking progress, &c as a whole and also within specific educational groups.


Headteacher's Appraisal
The Governing Body agrees the Headteacher's appraisal annually, with assistance from an independent educational advisor. Different sources of information, school visits, reports, data analysis, &c, enable us to ensure that conclusions drawn from various sources are correct.

This appraisal process allows us to look closely at the performance of the Headteacher and have valuable discussions about areas of strength and areas for development. We set several targets against which the Headteacher's performance is evaluated.

The Governing Body and Headteacher understand and agree the areas for development, so the quality of provision in the school is enhanced. This also enables Governors to challenge the Headteacher and identify how best practice within the school is being shared for the whole school's benefit and how weaknesses are being addressed.


Governors are given detailed reports three times a year by the Headteacher as well as regular updates throughout the year. The senior leadership team and core subject leaders also update the GB. The Headteacher and GB Chairman meet regularly to discuss school matters and the Chairman or the whole GB is copied into pertinent staff communication. Governors are invited to and attend as many school events and functions as possible. They look forward to these visits immensely as they contribute to the whole picture of this busy and happy school. Governors spend a day in school each year, visiting various lessons, lunching with the staff, spending time in the playground with pupils and enjoying a whole school assembly.


Premises, Health & Safety
Health & Safety remains a key activity for the Governing Body. The Premises, Health & Safety Committee meets regularly and is supported by the School Business Manager. Several Governors, with specific training, support the school on health and safety procedures, including annual full-site inspections. All external body inspections are reported to the Governing Body. Concerns or issues are discussed with the Headteacher and School Business Manager. When necessary, matters are referred to Buckinghamshire County Council. As a result the school is a safe place for pupils to learn and staff to work.


Resources & Finance
The Governing Body and in particular the Resources Committee oversee the financial performance of the school, ensuring its expenditure meets best value and value for money principles.

Governors meet on a regular basis with the School Business Manager to monitor budgets and finances. The Resources Committee ensures the school's funding is put to good use and creates a school budget which reflects a balanced and sustainable budget to ensure the needs of pupils on roll are met, pupils' progress and achievement are raised, the gap for pupil premium pupils is narrowed and SEN pupils are fully supported.

The committee carries out the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) following the prescribed timetable, ensures all financial regulations are met, monitors and annually updates the Management Section of the School Improvement Plan and identifies priorities for improvement and maintenance of staffing, premises and resources.


Safeguarding remains of paramount concern and importance to all Governors. The Chairman is specifically linked to this area and meets the Headteacher, who is the Designated Safeguarding Leader, on a regular basis to discuss systems and procedures. There is an extensive annual audit and the Single Central Register is monitored by the Chairman and subject to random inspection. This is regularly reported to the Governing Body and as a result, Governors are confident that children's welfare and safeguarding is given the highest priority.


All members of the Governing Body receive training in best practice and new initiatives, allowing us to best support the school in working towards its priorities. A record is maintained. The Governing Body works to keep abreast of its responsibilities with regard to the latest requirements and expectations, and to ensure it has the knowledge to challenge and scrutinise the school's senior leadership team.


Governor Details
Governor details including terms of office and roles and responsibilities are now published on the school website in line with national requirements. The Governor's declaration of Business and Pecuniary interests is kept by the Clerk to the Governors and the register is published on the school website.  Meeting attendance can be found below and minutes can be requested from the school office.


If you should like to bring anything to our attention, please do so via the contact page of the website or the school office, marking the message for attention of the Governing Body.

Caroline Wilkes- Chairman, Ley Hill School Governing Body