Welcome to Ley Hill's EYFS unit


Here at Ley Hill children in Nursery and Reception are supported to thrive in our EYFS unit. Each year group has their own classroom and they share an outdoor learning space. The staff work together to ensure all children develop at their own pace and build strong relationships with all the children.

Have a look here at some pictures to see how our children enjoy their learning experiences with us.




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The EYFS Team

Ley Hill Early Years Intent

Our Vision for Our Children


In EYFS we provide a safe, secure environment with adults who nurture child’s individualism and are a caring, supportive influence in their lives. This ensures our children enjoy coming to school and have a positive sense of self.


We have a curriculum that builds understanding and respect for everyone’s differences and the natural diversity of our wider world. Children are taught to be responsible citizens, who are grateful for the world we live in, care for our environment and experience a sense of awe and wonder for the things they see around them, and the worlds we help them create.


Our language rich environments, full of talk, laughter and the written word, help children build vocabulary and encourages them to experiment with words and phrases. We expose them to words and worlds they may not already know, through stories and a wide range of experiences. We want to foster a love of stories and books, developing a curiosity for finding things out and a questioning, creative and imaginative outlook to learning and life.


We think it’s important that our children become good communicators, are able to listen and respond to their friends and adults, building positive relationships, managing their emotions and learning to negotiate with peers in playful situations. We help them to use talk to organise their ideas and share these with others, becoming collaborative thinkers and working well with others on a shared goal.


We want our children to be emotionally intelligent, able to moderate and share their feelings, as well as understand those of others. Children are supported to become independent in all they do, developing a ‘can do’ attitude and persevere when things are tricky, enjoying the sense of pride in themselves when they have achieved their goal.


We create an environment where children feel safe enough to take calculated risks in their learning and play, secure in the knowledge that the adults or their friends will be close at hand if they need a little help.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum


 “The effective early years provision lays firm foundations for children’s future progress.”  Ofsted 2017.


The Foundation Stage is part of the national curriculum and covers the years from birth to the end of the Reception year.


Nursery and Reception at Ley Hill School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This Framework underpins all future learning and is a statutory requirement for children from birth to five in Early Years settings. It covers seven areas of learning:


The Prime Areas

· Communication and Language

· Physical Development

· Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The Specific Areas

· Literacy

· Mathematics

· Understanding the World

· Expressive Arts and Design


Here are some documents to show some of the things children learn in these areas and what they are working towards by the end of their Reception year;