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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page.


Spring term 2020



Mrs Harvey is our class teacher

Mrs Ludlow is the TA in Year 6


Here we are planning and carrying out craft activities.

We had a super time on World Book Day!


Still image for this video
Here is a video of one of our planes moving!

Our Year 5 friends came into our classroom on the last day of term to look at the planes that we had made. We explained carefully how we made them.

…. and here are our finished aeroplanes!
We have been creating 3D models of military aeroplanes. We have developed our knowledge of DT, history and science by finding out about what the planes were used for during the world wars and adding circuits to make the propeller go around.

On Wednesday 15th January, Year 6 visited the Royal Air Force museum in Hendon. The trip was aimed to educated the children further on the events during the Battle of Britain and to look at the types of air crafts during World War Two. The pupils were in awe of the air crafts that were on display at the museum and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The children came back to school keen to learn more.

So far this term in science, Year 6 have been hard at work learning about the circulatory system. During the science enrichment week, we learnt more about the parts of the heart and it’s role in the system as well as the components of our blood. We drew representations of the heart and labelled the different chambers and blood vessels. On Thursday, we had a messy lesson all about blood in which we made our own bag of blood and represented each component of the blood (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets) using orange squash, red food colouring, cheerios, marshmallows, and sprinkles. It was rather gruesome but we really enjoyed the hands on experience! Can you work out what each component what represented by?

Download Year 6 curriculum overview here.