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Year 5

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Spring Term 2020


Our class teacher is Miss Mugglestone.

Mrs Redlich is the TA in Year 5

Activities to complete if you are absent from school but well


Pobble 365 is a super website with a number of different photos as a stimulus for writing. Below each picture you can read various prompts and ideas to start your writing. Click on the link below.

Have a look at this website for fun activities:


Go Noodle

Our science topic is 'Materials'. Here are some photos of different experiments we have conducted in class. We have made our own sieves to separate dry mixtures, investigated which solids dissolve in which liquids, explored the hardness of difference solids and investigated what makes balls bounce.

We have been busy creating artwork in the style of the ancient Egyptians. Here we are hard at work, exploring the use of sketching pencils, graphite and charcoal to create different portraits.

We have started our topic on the Ancient Egyptians by designing and making shadufs and mummifying oranges!

Here are some of our Christmas crafts!

In our DT unit this term, we have learnt about the 'eat well plate' and the importance of fruits and vegetables, which contain fibre, in a healthy diet. We have designed, made and evaluated a salad for our partner.

For Anti Bullying week we have used our class novel 'Wonder' to explore our unique and special qualities. We also focussed on the theme within the book to 'choose kind' which was also the theme for Anti Bullying week this year.

In gymnastics we have created our own routines after we practised different rolls, cartwheels and jumps.
For our English topic on Gothic genre, we enjoyed creating freeze frames about a spooky mansion.

We took part in the BBC teach live lesson for World Mental health Day and learnt how to keep our minds healthy. We also learnt more about what it means to have a growth mindset. Here we are practising some breathing techniques which are useful to help calm the body down.


Following on from this, we now have mental wellbeing journals in which we can record our thoughts and feelings.  Our challenge is to remember something good that happened or a challenge we have overcome that day!

We had a great afternoon with the forest school rangers maintaining the environment in Cowcroft Woods! 
Year 5 enjoyed a workshop from Portals to the Past. We were Vikings for the day and acted out many events such as a Viking burial. We played Viking games and also did a quiz in which we learnt many facts to kick off our history topic for the term.
For our science enrichment week, we split into groups of three to conduct our own research into one of the planets in our solar system (including the sun and moon). We created displays based on our learning and enjoyed teaching each other and quizzing the visitors to our classroom on Friday!

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Year 5 Typical Weekly Timetable

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