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Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 class page

Mrs Mortali is our class teacher. 

Mrs Ludlow is our TA in Year 1.



Global Action Week

Planting up our vegetable patches!


Year 1 Learning:

We started exploring Seasons by looking at trees in our playground - we will observe this tree throughout the seasons to see how it will change. 

Over the past few weeks, Year 1 have been learning about toys from the past, what toys are made of, and have played with a range of toys from different eras such as Hama Beads. The children have also been making animals with play dough, learning about their differences, and whether they have a backbone or not. We have been counting and comparing numbers in maths, creating labels, lists and captions in English and enjoying a variety of books including It’s not a stick by Antoinette Portis, Billy’s Bucket by Key Gray, The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl and Traction Man by Mini Grey. Year 1 have been practising their basketball skills in PE and have enjoyed learning new songs in Music. Most of all, Year 1 have enjoyed playing in the playground with all the other children and getting to know their new classroom.

I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Number bonds for 10 song. Number bonds are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number. Number bonds can also be called number partners or number pairs. Number bonds are a very important foundation for understanding how numbers work. Number bonds create fluency for composing and decomposing numbers for addition and subtraction.

Fun songs with UMIGO - That Makes10 (ADDITION)

Addition was never so much fun!!! Learn all about what MAKES 10! Join us at UMIGO! Learning about comparisons is a great way to enter the world of science and math! UMIGO is all about creating FREE kids education entertainment. UMIGO-yoU Make It GO! Each UMIGO video is part of a FREE LEARNING BUNDLE.