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Year 3

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Autumn Term 2020

Miss Young is our class teacher in Year 3

Mrs Dinsdale and Mrs Bowen work as TAs in Year 3

History Enrichment Week

As part of black history month, Year 3 have been learning about the influence of black culture on our music and movement. 

We focussed on how people have used dance and music to come together and express themselves, even through times of adversity.


Here are some of the things we have learnt:


Juba dance:

Juba dance started in the plantations. Slaves were banned from having instruments, so the slaves improvised by using clapping and stamping to create rhythms with their bodies. They created complex dances together.


This style of dance heavily influenced what we now know as tap dancing!


We worked together to create our own rhythms using clapping and stamping.


We listen to jazz music and learnt about improvisation. We thought about how the music made us feel and what it made us think of. We created pieces of art work based on a piece of music by Fats Waller.


Soul Train

We learnt about the TV show 'Soul Train' and how it was the first to show predominately black performers. 

We talked about how 'Soul Train' was about expressing yourself in a time of judgement in the world. 

We made our own soul train, encouraging each other and supporting each other to express ourselves through dance.


This week year 3 have tested rocks for permeability and made their own cave painting using hand stencils and blown paint.