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Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 Class page.


Spring Term 2020



Mr Leadbetter is our class teacher

Mrs Hunt and Mrs Dalgas are TAs working in Year 4

Activities to complete if you are absent from school but well.


Pobble 365 is a super website with a number of different photos as a stimulus for writing. Below the pictures you can read various prompts and ideas to start your writing.

Please see the information leaflet below for parents regarding the Times Tables check in for children Year 4.
Have a look at our wonderful models that we have made to develop our learning in History this term.
We have had a super trip to the Verulamium. We started the day with a walk around the Roman ruins and sketched the Roman mosaic floor and Hypocaust (under floor heating). The Museum had lots to see and do. Particularly popular, was the activity where children could build an archway from foam bricks. The class were invited to touch centuries old relics from Roman Britain.
Here we are making salt dough in order to test its conductivity in a circuit. We used lemons and potatoes instead of batteries to power a circuit. The lemons weren't powerful enough but we managed to power a clock with potatoes. We have also been testing which types of paper can be lifted up by the static electricity from a balloon.

Download Year 4 curriculum overview here.

Reading and writing the time help sheet

Year 4 Reading Book Ideas

Year 4 Spelling Bee

Anti-Helium - The Deep Voice Gas - DIY Sci

Amazing video about gas!