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Admission Arrangements


Admissions to Ley Hill School are determined by the local authority and all applications have to be made via them.

We have admission intake for the Reception class in September each year. There is flexibility in terms of children attending part time if they are Spring or Summer born until the term they turn five. This is based on individual need and circumstance.

From January 2016 the school has had a hot lunch option available. We use Dolce to provide the service. Ordering is completed online via your own account.

You have the option to provide a nutritious packed lunch your self or to order a hot lunch from Dolce as you prefer. For example, you may choose for your child to have hot lunches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and provide your own packed lunch on the remaining days. This arrangement remains flexible week by week therefore giving you choice and full control over your child's lunch options. Payment is to Dolce, usually by direct debit.

In year admissions are also controlled by the local authority but visits to the school to see our ethos in practice are encouraged and warmly welcomed.

For further information on admissions please visit the admissions section of the Buckinghamshire County Council website below.