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Welcome to our Year 2 class page


Our class teacher is Ms Harvey and our TA is Mrs Kanani.


29-4-2022: PPA

Unfortunately, Mrs Randall left Ley Hill just before Easter so will no longer cover the class on a Monday morning. Instead, the class will be covered on a Friday afternoon by Mrs Lee.

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Year 2 learning

Summer Term

Our Year 2 visited Sainsbury’s and the market in Chesham on Wednesday. They took the number 73 bus from Ley Hill and investigated the amount of plastic packaging that was used in our supermarkets and the market. They carried out a survey to find out how many people use the supermarket, the market, and the refill shop. Thank you to the bus driver who diverted from his route to bring the children right to the gate!

Global action week

The Spring Term

World Book Day

World Book Day turned into a week for Year 2. They were visited by Year 6 who read to the children and heard some of their riddles too. Miss Mugglestone also visited and read a story to the class about what would happen to the world if their were no numbers!

They all looked fantastic on World Book day when they all dressed up as a favourite book character. Thank you to all of the parents who helped the children with their costumes!

Further on in the week, the class did character scavenger hunts, recited poetry, and we read 'Rocket Rules' by Nathan Byron and Dapo Adeola. The class then made up their own rules (just like Rocket in the story) for living a good life and making sure the world is a better place.

Year 2's monster designs and clay work.

We have had a special visitor in Year 2! Sunny from the story 'Meerkat Mail' has come to visit Ley Hill! Year 2 took Sunny on a tour of the school and then wrote postcards to his family in the Kalahari Desert.

For the past two weeks, Year 2 have started to learn about division. They have been learning to divide by sharing and by grouping.

The class thoroughly enjoyed their PE trip to Dr Challoner's High school. They competed in a range of activities including a relay race, javelin throwing, and speed bouncing.

This term, the class will be learning about using clay and have started to learn about the different techniques of sculpting.

The class have kicked off the new year brilliantly and are ready to get learning again!

In Geography this week, the class used the Google search engine to find out more information about the countries of the United Kingdom.

The pupils have begun learning about multiplication by first recognising, making, and adding equal groups. They used equipment and drew the groups.

The Autumn Term

On Tuesday, the class had their Great Fire of London workshop run by Victoria. The pupils pretended they were citizens of London during 1666 and learnt about the different jobs during the time. They made lots of interesting things - ink (and used a quill to write), a button mould, embroidery, medicine (herbs and spices), leather bookmarks, and bread (play dough!) They also pretended to be surgeons and chopped off a few of their legs!

During the afternoon, after the fire had been put out, the class excavated some of the remains of some buildings; searching for clues as to who may have lived and worked there.

It was a great day and the children learnt much from it! Thank you to all the parents who made the day possible!

The pupils finished making their houses this week. Their task was to build a house with a waterproof roof. We then went outside and tested their houses and as you can see from their faces they really enjoyed it! Most of the houses stayed dry inside...however we did have some puddles in a few!

The class thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Waddesdon Manor and have been writing about it in their English lessons. This week the children will be sharing their writing with the Year 5 class.

The pupils created beautiful firework pictures using pastels.

This week, the children have been using their knowledge of materials to design and make a house with a waterproof roof. 

Over the past few weeks, we have had some fantastic pieces of homework being brought in to be shared with the class. Here are just a sample few:

This week, the class have been saying hello, good morning, and good afternoon in a variety of different languages. The pupils enjoyed learning a a song where they sang 'hello' in different languages too (Youtube link below). We also discussed the different languages that some of the children's families spoke or have learning at home.....Finnish, Gujrati, French, Spanish, Hindi, Swahili, Latin, Urdu, Swedish, and Italian! Some of pupils counted to 20 in Spanish, said hello in French, and even counted to 5 in Latin!

Reception and KS1 had a visit this week from PC Ben and his colleagues! The children learnt a little bit more about the role of a police officer and were able to ask them questions about their job. They also got to take a look at a police car and the equipment that they use.

This term, the whole school will be taking part in PE lessons taught by gymnastic coaches. The class really enjoyed their lesson learning about gymnastic shapes.

Year 2 have been learning about place value and we have been representing numbers in different ways.

The class have been reading Aesop's tale of 'The Town and the Country Mouse.' With a partner, they acted out parts of the story!