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Our class teacher is Ms Harvey

Our TAs are Mrs Spry, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Dinsdale, and Mrs Randall

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Year 2 learning

End of year visit to Crabtree farm!

Year 2 have really enjoyed following the UEFA European football this half term and as most parents will know we had our own 'sweepstake' in class. As much as we were hoping that England would win, we still had to celebrate our sweepstake winner and congratulate Italy!

This week, Year 2 have been busy making healthy snacks. They (attempted at) making chapattis, a mango raita, and a cucumber salad which lots of them enjoyed eating afterwards! They also made fruit kebabs with Mrs Randall which they thoroughly enjoyed too!

Sponsored Walk!

Well done to the whole school for completing the Sponsored Walk! Year 2 were so resilient and positive during the walk and enjoyed every second of it!

On Tuesday, Year 2 and 6 had a visit from Susie who is part of the School Sports Partnership. Susie came in and did orienteering and dance with Year 2. They worked brilliantly together in their teams!

Year 2 have been really enjoying the Euro football tournament! The class are all entered into a sweepstake and each child selected a team (out of hat). They have been so engrossed in the competition that they even asked to watch highlights and some of a match during their golden time!

The class have been learning to measure in metres and centimetres. They used metre rulers to measure different parts of the school ground. They also measured the distance that they threw objects such as a bean bag, a discus, a quoit, and a ball of paper.

Year 2 took part in an orienteering activity on the school grounds organised by Mrs Rennard. The pupils worked in pairs and used a map to locate clues which would spell out the names of animals. The pupils were great and using the map and the key.

Number Day!

For the past few weeks in Science, Year 2 have been learning about micro-habitats and minibeast. They went on minibeast hunts around our school grounds and described the best conditions for specific insects.

The pupils are now beginning to learn about plants. They observed seeds and made predictions about what the seeds may grow in to.

In Art, Year 2 have been learning how to shade and doing some observational drawings. Last week, the pupils sketched flowers found on the school grounds and learnt how to shade using the lighting. Below are two fantastic drawings by two of our budding artists in class! In the next few weeks, the pupils will be using other art mediums such as charcoal, powder paint, and watercolours. 

Year 2 were 'blowing their worries away' using the bubbles wands they made!
In maths, Year 2 gathered data about the class on a topic of their choice. They used tally charts and pictograms to record what they found out.
Year 2 used one of Fred Tomaselli's collages to create their own inspired by his:
Year 2 are so happy to be back at school! They have clearly missed socialising and playing with their friends! On Tuesday, we had a spontaneous visit to Crabtree farm. Just being somewhere new was exciting for them! They enjoyed seeing the horses, pigs, and chickens and they visited the pond where we found two frogs and some frogspawn! They also enjoyed playing in the woods!
Sarah at Waddeson Manor wanted to let us know that our tulips and daffodils have started to grow in their pots! Hurray! And the daffodil bulbs they gifted to us have started growing too, in the beds at the front of school!

For the past few weeks, Year 2 have been making fire engines! This week, the pupils began painting and decorating their engines.


Year 2 have been learning about making and adding equal groups. This is the start of their journey of learning to multiply!
So far this half term, Year 2 have been working on their tennis skills in PE.

Remembrance day craft!

Outdoor learning

This week we have tried to get outside as much as possible! The class planted tulip bulbs in the flower beds at the front of the school and are hoping to plant some daffodil bulbs around the KS1 playground next week. The class also play-acted the Great Fire of London on the playground. We mapped out the River Thames and pretend to be civilians of London trying to put the fire out! The school are very lucky to have friends over at Crabtree farm. So on Thursday, the class visited Crabtree Farm - they fed chickens, visited the pigs, and went for a walk through the forest! (Ms Harvey forgot to take the camera to take photos....which is now a great excuse to go again!)

Great Fire of London workshop

What a great start to the new half term we've had! On Monday, we had a visit from the educational company 'History off the Page' who provided a fantastic workshop all about the Great Fire of London. The pupils used their prior knowledge to completely immerse themselves within the role of 17th century civilians. In the morning, they worked as doctors, ink makers, weavers, and bakers to create medicines, bookmarks, handkerchiefs, clay button moulds and other interesting things. Throughout the morning, the pupils also pretended to be rat catches, book collectors and civilians who help put the fire out. In the afternoon, when London had been destroyed, they excavated the remains to find clues about the lives of the people who worked and lived there. The children had a great day!

Project Homework Showcase

In the final week of the half term, Year 2 put on a Project Homework Showcase! Below are some of their amazing pieces of homework that they created! There are....houses made of food, fairy and elf homes, paintings of their own houses, letters to the three little pigs, photos of trips to London, checklists of material scavenger hunts and many many other fantastic examples of homework! During the showcase, they had a visit from Mrs Roberts too who was also incredibly impressed with the hard work that had been put into their work! They should be very proud!

The Trip to Waddesdon Manor

During the trip to Waddesdon Manor, the class enjoyed planting their King Albert daffodil bulbs in the Manor's Daffodil Valley. They all got very muddy and found lots of worms and slugs! They also planted Jumbley Bell daffodils and Quebec Tulips in pots with the help of Sarah. In the afternoon, they learnt about the history of the tulip and where the flower originated from. Whilst in the Stables, the pupils created their own paper daffodil to take home. We will be visiting the manor again in the Summer term to see how much their daffodils have grown and visit the tulip festival!

History Week

During our History week, the class learnt about famous black athletes from the past and present. The pupils then participated in a mini-Olympic games and created statues of the athletes using aluminium foil.

St Paul's Cathedral

This half term, the pupils have been learning about the Great Fire of London in their History lessons. The pupils learnt that the original St Paul's Cathedral burnt down in the fire and learnt that the architect Christopher Wren designed the cathedral that stands in London today. The pupils designed and built their own versions of St Paul's Cathedral during a DT lesson.
The pupils have been busy learning about the value of number and learning to add and subtract.