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Year 2


Welcome to our Year 2 class page


Spring Term 2020


A warm welcome to all children and parents from

Mrs Correia (Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday pm)


Dr Newman (Wednesday am,Thursday and Friday)

Teaching support team: Mrs Ludlow, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Randall


Activities to complete if you are absent from school but well


Pobble 365 is a super website with a number of different photos as a stimulus for writing. Below each picture you can read various prompts and ideas to start your writing.

We had fun dressing up as book characters! We also swapped books and enjoyed sharing stories with each other as part of our World Book Day celebrations.

We have been making clay boomerangs and creating designs inspired by Aboriginal symbols.


We have been very busy refining our hockey skills this week. We have learnt how to carefully manoeuvre the ball and work within a team.
We have started our new topic learning all about Australia. Our didgeridoo workshop was enjoyed by all. In fact it was so good we shared our learning with the rest of the school and our parents.
To help us with our factual writing about hedgehogs, we have been exploring the environmental area. There are lots of good places for hedgehogs to hibernate and snuffle here!
A hedgehog could be hibernating under here!
Lots of bugs for them to eat.
We learnt so much during our Great Fire of London workshop.
We even burnt our Tudor houses!
We have been making friendship bracelets as part of our learning during Anti-bullying week.
We have been learning about the Great Fire of London and today we had a visit from the Fire Service.
Today we have been using nature to create art. Andy Goldsworthy was our inspiration.
We have been making Tudor houses.
We have been cooking 'hedgehog rolls' with Mrs Williams today.
Very careful measuring.
The final result. Yum!
Learning all about place value.
Lots of investigating in science this week.
Deciding where to put different foods.
Exploring nature.
It's a squirrel! Look at the legs.
Look how hard we are concentrating in our Art lesson today.